How To Cook Bacon On A Pellet Grill

When you cook your bacon on a pellet grill, there’s nothing like it. It offers you wonderfully crispy, golden brown finishes. It allows the fat to drip away from the meat, making it less greasy. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article on How To Cook Bacon On A Pellet Grill? And if you follow our instructions, you’ll have the best side dish you’ve ever had.

How to cook bacon on a pellet grill?

Follow these steps for a quick and easy way to make crispy and delicious finishes every time.

  1. First, preheat the smoker to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Next, coat a layer of oil on the grill so it doesn’t stick once applied.
  3. Place directly on the grill and close the lid.
  4. Check and turn halfway through to evenly cook.
  5. Cook for 30 minutes, when it is to desired crispiness, remove from the grill and enjoy.

Keep an eye on it as you get closer to the end since you don’t want to burn it.


How long does bacon cook on a pellet grill?

When it comes to deliciously crispy nothing beats grilling bacon on a grill with pellet. Cooking in the grill ensures that all of your pieces are cooked equally since the heat surrounds them. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes on medium to high heat.

As the temperature rises, your meat needs to be flipped or turned every ten to fifteen minutes to ensure evenly cooked. However, you’ll want to keep an eye on it near the end of the smoking process so you can pull it off when it’s cooked to your liking.

Type of bacon works best on the pellet grill

Bacon is a form of salt-cured pig created from a variety of cuts, most often the pig’s belly or the less fatty rear cuts. It is eaten on its own, as a side dish, or as a small ingredient to flavor recipes.

Its flavor and texture may vary dramatically depending on the cut, and each cut is wonderful in its own way, providing an enticing savory taste. Thick-cut meat and standard bacon, on the other hand, perform well on the grill use pellet.

Standard meat consists of long, narrow slices sliced crosswise from hog belly and containing veins of pink flesh inside white fat. It is sliced about 1/16 inch thick. It’s all-purpose, perfect for quick grilling in single strips and most other uses. A thin, beautiful golden grill strip of meat is a favorite snack for everyone in your family.

Thick-cut is nearly twice as thick as the standard one, and the smaller pieces hold their shape far better in everything from the grill to pasta and soups. When it comes to a thick-cut one, the slower it cooks, the better your finish is. Crispy bites that, when grilled until golden, provide flavor to salads, soups, and baked potatoes.

How To Cook Bacon On A Pellet Grill

It’s best to use thick-cut bacon so it doesn’t cook too quickly

The best pellets for grilling bacon

Pellet grills and smokers run on wood pellets. Wood pellets are also recognized as the simplest fuel to use. They also produce a lot of flavor without having to worry about the air-to-fuel ratio as you would with wood chips or chunks.

Because food-grade wood pellets are created expressly for cooking, particular hardwoods are chosen for the flavor. And aroma they generate when smoked.

When cooking meat, use a pellet mixture of maple, applewood, hickory, and cherry. To acquire additional smoke flavor, cook at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. We prefer hickory or apple pellets to give your finish a fantastic taste, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What temperature do you cook bacon on the pellet grill?

Cook your meat with this grill at 300 degrees for the best results. This will ensure that it is always crispy and smoked to perfection. On medium to high heat, you should have something crispy in 10 to 20 minutes.

How To Cook Bacon On A Pellet Grill

300 Degrees works well for both regular and thick-cut meat

2. Is it necessary to turn bacon on a pellet grill?

Probably. There’s no need to flip your meat if it’s not too thick and your smoker cooks evenly. However, if your grill has hot areas, some slices may need to be turned or taken out before others. This flip should take about ten minutes on medium heat, but every appliance is different, so keep an eye on it.

3. Is grilling bacon better than frying?

Grilling is a healthier option than frying. Meats that have been grilled have a lower fat content. It leads to healthier meals and makes following a low-fat diet easier. In addition, grilled meals contain fewer calories than fried dishes.

How To Cook Bacon On A Pellet Grill

Grilled meat is less greasy than fried one

4. What’s the best way to keep bacon from curling?

Place the meat on parchment paper. Place the cooling rack on top of the meat and turn it upside down. It should no longer curl as a result of this.

5. Why is your bacon chewy and not crispy?

When cooking it on the grill, you don’t want to raise the temperature too quickly. The finish that has been cooked at too high a temperature can become rubbery.

Closing Points

If you like smoked bacon as much as we do, fire up your pellet grill for a smokey flavor. Read our article on how to cook bacon on a grill? for more information to get step-by-step instructions for your favorite dish. It’ll surprise you with how delicious it is!

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