Can I Use Pellets In My Electric Smoker? (A Brief Explanation For Amateurs)

As a new person entering the electric smoking world, you may wonder: can I use pellets in my electric smoker? Don’t worry, tips from our experts have got you covered!


When it comes to electric smokers, many people will find themselves asking an essential question: Can I use pellets in my electric smoker? In this article, our authors would answer this question and provide you with other useful information about wood chips and wood pellets.

Amateur people may be unfamiliar with these smokers. Therefore, when cooking, they will not get the smoky and delicious taste that lives up to their expectation at first. If you are still in the dark about whether you should use pellets, our advice will help you out. Just keep reading until the end!

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Can I Use Pellets In My Electric Smoker?

Of course, yes, you can use pellets in this smoker. Specifically, wood is the optimal material to ensure that smokers get the deep, rich smoke they want. There are wood chips and wood pellets, two of which can be utilized when cooking with an electric smoker.

Concerning wood pellets, they are very dense and will not burn unless they achieve a high enough temperature. If they directly go through the electric heating factor of a pellet grill, the pellets would start burning.

If the smoking tray has a lower heat in terms of wood chips, it will trigger these chips to burn more slowly with smoke but no flame. In general, wood chips are considered more effective and provide a smokier taste and burn for longer than wood pellets.

Nevertheless, if you only have wood pellets instead of wood chips, that will be okay. Wood pellets will not damage your electric smoker; you only need to be careful when using them to smoke your food.

Our experts will provide a detailed comparison between wood pellets and wood chips, how to utilize them in electric smokers, and some famous wood pellets and wood chips brands you may want to know.

What Are Wood Pellets? What Are Brands

Can I Use Pellets In My Electric Smoker

Manufacturers create wood pellets from hardwood that has been finely ground into sawdust. Then, they pack and press hardwood into tiny circle-like pellets.

Wood pellets have a similar size, moisture, and energy content so that people usually use them in stoves, boilers, and electric smokers. Since they are very efficient, they make around 2 percent ash or less.

These pellets are perfect for both hot and cold smoking. Additionally, wood pellets burn at a higher temperature compared to wood chips. They are slower to burn so that you can control their heat at ease.

Wood pellets provide consistent and thick smoke, which produces a deeper smoke flavor. These items are available in various flavor choices, including apple, hickory, and bourbon oak.

There are many pellets brands available on the market. According to our experts in the BBQ community, Traeger, Louisiana Grills, BBQr’s Delight, and CookinPellets are four of the most famous brands when it comes to excellent pellets for electric smokers.

Remember to purchase the product suitable to you and pick the right flavor options for the foods you are going to cook.

What Are Wood Chips? What Are Brands

Can I Use Pellets In My Electric Smoker

Wood chips are made from seasoned hardwood, but they do not have a fine grind compared to wood pellets. Manufacturers shred the hardwood into tiny, one-to-two-inch sizes.

These chips are not as expensive as wood pellets. Still, they can produce the delicious, smoky flavor that you desire from an electric smoker. Although wood chips create a bitter smoke, they are more flavorful than their counterparts.

Wood chips will burn for longer, which is very useful in electric smokers since you can cook the foods at a lower temperature for a long time. The smoke is also more consistent over time. Their flavors vary as well; you are free to choose from hickory, maple, cherry, pecan, and oak.

Regarding wood chips brands, you can consider Western, Zorestar, Camerons, and Jack Daniel’s. These brands are remarkable in terms of effective, long-lasting, and affordable wood chips.

What Is An Electric Smoker? What Are Brands

An electric smoker is an excellent and reliable cooking tool that utilizes electric rods to create an easier and quicker smoking process. They make the temperature of the food remain consistent.

You will not need to worry about altering the valve on a gas canister or managing charcoal during cooking with an electric smoker. Therefore, electric smokers are very easy to use and are a perfect pick for new to the BBQ cooking community.

Although the highest temperature of an electric smoker is still lower than that of a gas or a charcoal smoker, it is a more effective and safer cooking device to use both outdoor and indoor. To smoke the foods, you may want to add some wood fuels in a pan that is heated up to generate enough smoke.

Nonetheless, there is a drawback to using an electric smoker. It is not as portable and flexible as a charcoal or gas smoker because it has to be within the proximity of a power source.

Many types of electric smokers depend on features, temperature options, smoking racks, and cooking areas.

Additionally, some famous electric smoker brands include Bradley, Masterbuilt, and Pit Boss.

Can I Use Pellets In My Electric Smoker

Tips To Use Pellets In An Electric Smoker

Here are some small tips for using pellets in an electric smoker, which will better facilitate your cooking experience.

Remember not to add all pellets or chips at one time since they can produce a lot of smoke within a few minutes. Both pellets and chips ignite quickly so that you should not leave these items unattended. It would be best if you also utilize pellets as they are ordinary wood chips or wood chunks.

To get the optimal results, you may want to put pellets in a tinfoil pack and make some holes to better control the smoke. However, some electric smoker manufacturers do not recommend using wood pellets in their products, so you should be aware of that.

In terms of wood chips, you need to choose the suitable ones with the meat you are cooking. Otherwise, you will not get the result you want. Moreover, we recommend that you use a smoke maze or smoke tube instead of a smoker’s tray to guarantee safety when cooking.


All in all, our answer to the question: Can I use pellets in my electric smoker is yes, you can. There are wood chips and wood pellets, but using chips can help elevate your smoking quality better since they are more effective than pellets.

Thank you for reading!

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